About Us


Bishop Edward Webb and his wife Sister Marie Webb started The Lord Jesus Church of God (Colorado Springs) in April of 1978 at a residence on West Moreno Street in Colorado Springs Colorado. The original charter is in Kingsport, TN, where Brother Webb was raised and his father and uncle founded The Lord Jesus Church of God.
After three months in this location, a neighbor complained about the loud noise so the church services needed to be moved. In July of 1978 Brother Webb closed off a bay of his “Gulf Service Station” located on Cimmarron and Tejon St., and officiated many wonderful, spirit filled services.
In February 1982, the opportunity to purchase the current location, 84 Sherri Drive arose and through the love and commitment of Brother and Sister Marie Webb and other members of the church they were able to raise a down payment. After only 5 years the loans were paid back through bake sales and making and selling of tamales.
After the passing of Sister Marie (2002) and Brother Webb (2003) their daughter Bishop Chantal Miller stepped into the role of Pastor.
We are 3rd and 4th generation worshipers. The spirit of love for the Lord and for one another carries on and we welcome others to come and experience the joy we share.


Being raised in a Godly home, Sister Chantal gave her life to the Lord at age 12. After doing home missions work in California and Tennessee, she came back to Colorado Springs with her son in 1986. She was the Bishop in the church, song leader, and Sunday school teacher for the teenagers. A very strong and compassionate worker for the Lord, in 2003 Sister Chantal picked up the legacy her father left for her and continues God’s work in spreading the gospel. She inspires the congregation with her dedication and love of the Lord. Her prayer is to win souls to the Lord and welcomes all newcomers (and oldsters) with an open heart.


Linda was raised in Leavenworth, Kansas with a desire to serve the Lord. After marrying her husband (Gene) they traveled to Hawaii, California, Wyoming, and Missouri before settling in Colorado. After joining the church in 1989 Linda committed her life to the Lord and in 2004 answered the call to the ministry. Linda and Gene raised their 3 daughters in the church and continue to watch their grandchildren enjoy Sunday school and youth activities. Her desire is to serve the Lord and let His light guide her path in leading souls to the Lord.


Both Antonio and Theresa started attending The Lord Jesus Church of God in their youth. After graduating they were married and are raising 3 beautiful children in the true gospel of Christ. They have enjoyed outings with the youth which have included concerts, Disney on Ice, kite flying and picnics. They are dedicated workers for the Lord and a blessing to everyone in the church.